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Love Lost Adventure: The Lie

“Riveted by the multiple stories, smiling at the characters and how you can read their minds in real language — Endearing!!”

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Absolutely Brilliant.

Laura W.United Kingdom

Love Lost Adventure" is a captivating blend of romance, adventure, and mystery. Theodora Hayes's whirlwind quest, set against the backdrop of both modern times and the Civil War, is filled with heartwarming moments, zany characters, and unexpected twists. Gargiulo's storytelling shines, from witty dialogues to intricate subplots that converge beautifully. A must-read for those seeking a love story that's far from typical.
—A thoroughly entertained reader.

ShariUnited States

Great story and characters. This book was so much fun to read — from the crazy characters to a plot that keeps you turning pages and wanting more.

B.L.United States

The characters are richly developed, and their deep connections evoke a range of emotions, taking readers from laughter to tears at the turn of a page. This deft command of emotional vulnerability is down to the intricacies of the dialogue and narrative presentation, which allows us a close look at Teddy and those around her when her emotions are put to the test. The novel keeps you engaged and always guessing at what may happen next as it navigates through mishaps, human connections, and a cast of fascinating ensemble characters.

K.C. FinnReaders' Favorite, USA

I LOVE it. It’s thrilling. I couldn’t put it down and read it in four days!

Gail O.United States

A Riveting Tale of Love, Adventure, and Whirlwind Quests! The characters in this book are exceptionally well-developed, and readers will be drawn to the strong female protagonist, Theodora Hayes, fondly known as Teddy. Her adventurous spirit and passionate determination to rekindle a lost flame make her truly endearing. The interactions between characters are witty, playful, and heartfelt, providing a delightful mix of emotions that keep you turning the pages.

VdevaUnited Kingdom

Wonderful book! Gripping! Couldn't put it down.

RyanUnited States

So, I just finished reading "Love Lost Adventure" and let me tell you, it's like this awesome mix of romance, adventure, and mystery all rolled into one. The way the story embarks on this crazy journey, jumping between modern times and the Civil War era, is just so cool. There are these super heartwarming moments, quirky characters, and twists you totally don't see coming. Gargiulo's storytelling is seriously on point – the witty dialogues and how all these different plot lines come together is just amazing. If you're up for a love story that's anything but ordinary, this book is a must-read.

YanibyUnited States

Riveted by the multiple stories, smiling at the characters and how you can read their minds in real language. Endearing!!

Suzanne D.Canada

A Riveting Blend of Romance, Adventure, and Mystery! Prepare for an enthralling journey through a captivating blend of genres in this amazing book. The story's captivating narrative seamlessly navigates between modern times and a historical era, weaving together heartwarming moments, unexpected twists, and an eclectic cast of characters. The author's storytelling prowess shines through, delivering witty dialogues and masterful plotlines that converge beautifully. If you're seeking an extraordinary love story that defies conventions, this book is an absolute gem.

Gene M.United States

Impressive Adventure Novel. I really enjoyed the imagination and scope for which the author created a storyline.

Michael V.United States.

An unexpectedly riveting story revolving around the good and bad sides of love, from betrayal and heartache to unending devotion. Gargiulo did a fantastic job with this book by bringing together several genres seamlessly. The characters were all quirky and unique and added something to the plot. I especially liked that by the end almost every character we met was somehow connected either by way of the plot or through their experiences in the story. This is a wonderfully written book and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Miche ArendseReaders' Favorite, USA

Love it! With a lot of surprises and plot twists, the characters are well written and they draw you into their lives.

Alison J.United Kingdom

I really enjoyed reading this and following the story. There are a lot of surprises and plot twists, characters who draw you into their lives, and it never gets boring. I kept wanting to find out how it turned out. I hope this author continues the story where she left off, as I'll be excited to read her next effort.

DanlandUnited States

Love Lost Adventure: The Lie by Roseann Gargiulo is a story of many plots, all gradually threading together. This is an awesome story told by a master storyteller. It’s a mixture of romance, history, murder, mystery, and adventure, with a good dash of humor thrown in for good measure.

Anne-Marie ReynoldsReaders' Favorite, USA

Love Lost Adventure

Love Lost Adventure

Love Lost Adventure

Love Lost Adventure

Love Lost Adventure

The Lie

The Lie

The Lie

The Lie

The Lie

“Surrounded by the whiteness of the blizzard’s snow, Theodora Hayes was determined to rekindle a flame she had walked away from many years ago.

But can one ever truly go back? Teddy didn’t give it a second thought. Passion drove her need. Cole was the love of her life, and nothing was going to keep her from finding him… except maybe danger, murder, and yes, love—and its wicked dark past.

The heart of the multi-plot story takes place in 1998 and travels all the way back to the Civil War. In a whirlwind quest tangled up in mishaps, filled with deep human connections, and a cast of zany characters, the journey will make you laugh, cry, and keep you riveted in your seat.

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Roseann Gargiulo is an author, musician, filmmaker, and multimedia designer. She studied Motion Picture and Theatre Arts at the University of Miami and then received her Master’s in Information Technology at Florida State University.